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In the Flow with Kevin Paris & Oscar Del Amor

Music is one thing that definitely helps us all get in the flow - especially when it makes you feel so free, happy and alive. We… Read More >>

Waterway to Wellness: Why Vail should be Your Next Paddle Yoga Destination

Travel & Lifestyle Writer Neko Catanzaro shares her thoughts on why it's time for you to get out on the SUP to practice and why … Read More >>

Serendipitous Pairing: International Day of Yoga & Surfing

When we found out the UN officially made International Day of Yoga on the same weekend as the International Surfing Day, (ISD), … Read More >>

3 reasons I have a Ladywood for music, surfing and yoga

Our ladyslider friend Hannah from Ladywood Music teaches us a dirty word and tells us about her connection with music, yoga and … Read More >>

Babanees Breaching

Learning to surf too? Dive into the continuing saga of a Babanees learning the 'leashes' during her surf sabbatical in Puerto Ri… Read More >>

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Walk it like you talk it

We believe in tourism that gives back and doesn't harm the communities in which they operate. We showcase the most inspiring retreats/camps/YTTs with sustainable operations. ISIY is helping achieve their mission by walking the talk.

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Writers: help us help others get in the flow. Travellers: share your journeys and adventures. Teachers: share your wisdom and experiences with us. Must have a passion for wavesliding/SUP, yoga, travel or sustainable tourism.