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Ongoing Campaign: Donating a portion of our referral fees to Eden Projects

We are excited to announce that when we refer you to a retreat or training, 33 trees are planted through Eden Projects on your behalf.  Even if you are not going on a trip recommended to you by iSurf iYoga, you can help us grow a forest by donating to our campaign page here: http://www.edenprojects.org/donate/?recruiter_id=25298

The destruction of forest systems wreaks havoc on communities: we need them not only as a habitat for animals but to also control flooding and erosion, which can deplete the soil of nutrients needed for farming.  In some communities families turn to selling themselves or their families into slavery in order to survive because they can longer use the soil to produce food. Another huge problem with deforestation is Global Warming.

Just as trees can be cut down, they can also be planted, nurtured and forests rebuilt. The animals, the water and fertile soil returns.

Through Eden Projects we hope our contribution continues to help restore the environment, allows families to grow more food and build a sustainable future.  The ISIY community will be able to see their impact - and who knows, maybe one day we’ll all go for a hike through forests we helped plant!

Eden Projects notables:
    •    Employing to plant: Eden Projects has seen the greatest immediate impact, improving and saving lives in communities where they are planting. Often it’s women that become incredibly enterprising, developing new businesses with the influx of cash and capitalizing on their new wealth.
    •    Educating lifestyle changes to improve health: they connect communities with solar-powered ovens to prevent the smoke from burning charcoal, and incidences of tuberculosis decrease. Eden Projects educates local villagers on sustainable agriculture so they can feed themselves and profit from agri-business.
    •    Sustainable future for communities: 10 percent of the trees are grown for food, construction and fuel wood to provide more benefits to locals. Eg. in Madagascar the locals wanted to plant tons of coconut trees because they can earn 10 cents per coconut.
    •    They truly care: the 2010 earthquake caused a major set-back to Eden’s work in Haiti, but this didn’t deter them! Haiti remains one of the most environmentally degraded countries. They worked with over 50 schools across Haiti, training 500 Haitian elementary teachers in the skills needed to start a small nursery and grow seedlings at their schools.

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