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U Surf U Yoga too?

Then you might know a little of what we're talking about. Surfing and yoga go together like salt & pepper, yin & yang, monkeys & bananas.. Kelly Slater & world titles.  There is a unique, powerful connection between surfing and yoga that one only understands with experience.  Just like humans evolved from the ocean, we have a suspicion that yoga crept out of the sea from the earliest surfers wanting to be in the flow on days where there was no swell..  Or maybe it was the reverse: a yogini’s instinct to connect deeper by moving with the waves.  Either way we are grateful for what both offer us: peace, health and good times.

iSurf iYoga was created to help surfers and yogis find inspiring adventures and journeys without having to spend hours in front of the computer.  We believe in tourism that gives back and doesn't harm the communities in which they operate.  We showcase the most inspiring surf yoga retreats & courses with sustainable operations.

Our mission is to bring a wave of positive energy, health and happiness to the planet by inspiring people to get in the flow.

The ‘i’ represents iNSPiRING because we connect our community with the most inspiring adventures; the other ‘i' represents iNTiMATE because we all connect to surfing and yoga in unique, personal ways on a deep level.

What do we look for in an adventure or journey?  

Experiences that are inspiring, unique, transformative, fun & safe.  

We are aficionados of surfing and the ocean, yoga and spiritual health, travel, adventure, people and the environment.  We know what you like because we continue to search for the same thing - amazing waves, new experiences, new cultures, self-knowledge, peace, adventure, etc.  We’ve discovered these offerings in many of the vacations and courses you see listed on this site.  Making them even sweeter, they are typically bundled as an all-inclusive package with accommodation, food and equipment, so your vacation is virtually stress-free except for the task of getting there (airfare).  

Many of you have been on similar journeys and have made it a yearly or bi-yearly mission to fly away for a week long surf yoga retreat/camp or health vacation of some sort.  Many of you are new to surfing and yoga - and you'll notice that virtually all the retreats and camps listed on this site welcome beginners and in fact, cater to the beginner surfer or yogi.  

Our journey includes meeting you, hearing your stories and transforming through our connections with the surf yoga community.  We sit in gratitude thinking of all the amazing people we have met already through creating ISIY and joyfully welcome the next chapter connecting with the global community.

Why attend a surf yoga retreat or camp?

Attending a retreat or camp is great way to travel because you get all of this:

* local guides showing you the best surf spots

* organized tours; tips from locals on their favourite places

* time with your instructors before/after class to ask questions

* healthy and delicious food prepared for you

* a chance to truly increase your skills in surfing with constructive feedback

* deepen your practice; learn more about the history and practice of yoga

* take on new challenges (volcano boarding anyone?)

* meet like-minded people and/or spend quality time with friends and family

* get physically fit while having fun

* afterwards feel rejuvenated and healthy

* learn the tools to live a more authentic, full life that you love


1. It is still under heavy construction so expect to see it change rapidly as we add new listings and adapt the look, feel and content to the feedback we receive from the community.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive information about the new listings.

2. At the core we are passionate about adventures and journeys where you have the surf option as well as the yoga option however we don't like boundaries.  ISIY knows there are many amazing yoga retreats in landlocked regions that we will consider showcasing in order to bring you the inspiring adventure you’re looking for.

3. Just like the Internet has crawlers, we rely on talented, experienced surfer yogi nomads and our friends around the world to give us leads on reputable trip organizers that are aligned with ISIY values.  If you have any suggestions please email us at info (at) isurfiyoga (dot) com.



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