Surf & Yoga Retreat in El Salvador

El Tunco, El Salvador

Playa El Tunco, El Salvador

  • La Libertad / El Salvador West Coast Surfing Region
  • Oceanfront to world-class surf breaks
  • Walking distance to food and nightlife attractions of Playa El Tunco


You can find the studio at the main entrance to town, in front of the Catholic Church Rosario de Fatima. We are the first driveway on the left hand side after the yellow barrier (la pluma) where vehicles enter town. Look for the big sign with our name and logo, and the chalkboard announcing the current schedule of yoga classes and activities. The studio is walking distance to the beach.

Drive to the coastal port of La Libertad, and head west towards Sonsonate. 8km up the road lies the coastal surf town of Playa El Tunco. If you are traveling by bus, take the 80 line east from La Libertad towards Majahual / Sunzal. You’ll see a large wooden sign with the names of several businesses in town, and a blue sign indicating the entrance to El Tunco. The driveway is the third one on the left. Look for the big sign with our name and logo, and the chalkboard announcing the current schedule of yoga classes and activities.

If you’re already do in El Salvador and simply looking for a yoga studio after your surf, paddle from La Bocana into the shore, and walk along the east side of the river. You’ll see an obviously abandoned property and one next to it with a lovely garden and a nice oceanfront deck. Come through the waterfront gate and straight to yoga class! There is drinking water, showers, towels, changing rooms, and a safe place for your surfboard.  

Balance Yoga Center

April 19 2015 - April 26 2015 starting from $670 per person
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El Tunco, El Salvador



Adrian is the owner & founder of Balancé Yoga Center. Adrian has maintained a disciplined yoga practice for 12 years, first practicing Bikram Hot Yoga and later incorporating Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga to his studies. A former competetivie athlete, and a lifelong waterman, Adrian is aware of areas where fellow surfers and outdoor athletes may experience soreness, tension, or limited flexibility.

Adrian first came to El Tunco in 2003 on a rogue surf trip that led him to discover one of his favorite places in the world. He’s thrilled to be able to share this passion for the water and yoga with practitioners and surfers from around the world.